Importance of Funds of Funds to Newer Managers Evident in Seward Kissel Study

From Seward & Kissel   Driven by our ongoing commitment to understanding the dynamics of the hedge fund marketplace and bringing the latest industry color to our clients and friends, each year Seward & Kissel conducts various studies of the most important trends we are seeing that are impacting the hedge fund community. This year, for the second year in a […] Read more »

Graphic of the Day: Hedge Fund Allocations of Family Offices

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Family Offices reduced their exposure to hedge funds by 10 percent in the 12 months ending in May, according to a report by UBS Group AG and London-based research firm Campden Wealth. Over one third (34 percent) of family offices intend to decrease their allocations to hedge funds, according to the […] Read more »

More Hedge Funds Are Going To Become Family Offices

By David Bain of Family Capital Hedge funds aren’t doing well in terms of performance – that will just increase the number of family offices. A recent report by Citibank on the global hedge fund industry found that assets in the sector fell in August this year by $78.4 billion, the biggest fall since October […] Read more »

10 Hedge Funds Family Offices Like

By David Bain of Family Capital   During the financial crisis hedge funds didn’t exactly endear themselves to many family offices, with their opaque redemption structures and underperformance during much of the crisis. But, with some trepidation, family offices have since ventured back into them. Vidak Radonjic, CEO of the New York-based Beryl Consulting Group, […] Read more »

Seeders Becoming Much More Important To New Hedge Funds According To Study

Fees New funds Lead story Illustration 3 656 x 480

By Steve Nadel (lead author), Partner Seward & Kissel Investment Management Group   Introduction & Key Findings Driven by our ongoing commitment to understanding the dynamics of the hedge fund marketplace, each year Seward & Kissel conducts The Seward & Kissel New Hedge Fund Study of newly-formed hedge funds sponsored by new U.S.-based managers entering […] Read more »

Graphic of the Day – Investors in CTAs

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Today’s graphic shows the proportion of each investor type that invest in CTAs. Source: Preqin Hedge Fund Investor Profiles From this graphic one could say that a fund of hedge funds is four times as likely to have invested in CTAs as a family office.  Or, that a marketer of […] Read more »

Brand Building Opportunities for Hedge Funds with the NextGen of Family Wealth

From StreetID   Now that hedge funds are allowed to market their businesses, many are wondering when the first hedge fund commercial will appear on television. April Rudin, a financial services marketing strategist and digital media expert, believes that hedge fund marketing is more than a 30-second spot on CNBC. When talking to fund managers during a […] Read more »

Quotation of the Day

“We’re quite skeptical in general of the hedge fund industry,” said Andrew K. Tsai, Co-Founder and managing principal, Chalkstream Capital Group. Industry data shows that sixty-one percent of all hedge fund money is concentrated in the hands of the top 100 hedge funds, and, said Tsai, “that (level of) concentration makes for some wacky correlations […] Read more »

Family Offices Seen As Most Important Source Of Capital By Hedge Fund Managers

The historical importance of family offices to the hedge fund industry has been well recorded. As Rick Flynn, the head of Rothstein Kass’ Family Office Group noted this year in his firm’s “Industry Outlook”, “Back in the mid-to-late ’90s, family offices were some of the earliest movers into the hedge fund space.” It was asserted […] Read more »