High Water Women’s Backpack Drive Delivers Record Number of Backpacks

By Hedge Fund Insight staff High Water Women, a leading philanthropic organization focused on financial literacy and initiatives for low-income children, today announced the completion of its 12th annual Backpack Drive, delivering a record 22,000 fully-supplied backpacks to tristate area children in need. The drive was the culmination of a fundraising effort that started in […] Read more »

10 Hedge Funds Family Offices Like

By David Bain of Family Capital   During the financial crisis hedge funds didn’t exactly endear themselves to many family offices, with their opaque redemption structures and underperformance during much of the crisis. But, with some trepidation, family offices have since ventured back into them. Vidak Radonjic, CEO of the New York-based Beryl Consulting Group, […] Read more »

America’s Richest Hedge Fund Managers

From Forbes America’s Richest Hedge Fund Managers       Read more »

Altin Drops Comac for Tudor and Stone Milliner and Adds to CTA Exposure Through Bluetrend

By Hedge Fund Insight staff The fall in assets at Comac and the subsequent layoffs have been publicly visible for a while.  Drawdowns of record length at CTAs are also well recorded. But that does not mean that investors in hedge funds have given up on the global macro and quantitative Commodity Trading Advisors. Alternative Asset […] Read more »