SEC Data – Pension Plans Have Grown To A Stable Quarter of Hedge Fund Capital

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By Hedge Fund Insight staff   The data discussed here has been compiled by the SEC from Form PF. Form PF is filed by SEC-registered investment advisers with at least $150 million in private funds assets under management to report information about the hedge funds and private equity funds that they manage. The SEC collates the data into a […] Read more »

Fund of Hedge Funds Consolidation Infographic

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Consolidation has provided some managers with the m eans to grow their firm at a time when the wider fund of hedge funds industry has contracted both in terms of AUM and number of participants. The majority (60%) of investors active in hedge funds seek exposure to the asset class via multi-manager vehicles, either solely or as part of a […] Read more »

Importance of Funds of Funds to Newer Managers Evident in Seward Kissel Study

From Seward & Kissel   Driven by our ongoing commitment to understanding the dynamics of the hedge fund marketplace and bringing the latest industry color to our clients and friends, each year Seward & Kissel conducts various studies of the most important trends we are seeing that are impacting the hedge fund community. This year, for the second year in a […] Read more »

Bridgewater Associates in Numbers

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By Hedge Fund Insight staff Related articles: Bridgewater’s Leadership In Building Firm Culture & Commitment To Training (Sept 2014) Bridgewater Win Shows It Leads the Way in the Hedge Fund Industry (May 2013) Bridgewater Associates in Numbers (March 2011) Bob Prince, Co CEO of Bridgewater, on Alpha and Beta in HF Portfolios (Dec 2010)   Read more »

AQR is the Hedge Fund with the Largest Gains of SWF Assets

AQR Capital Management was unusual in getting two citations in the inaugural Hedge Fund Hot 100 (see, entries 60 and 55), and further confirmation of the high status of the firm has just been shown by the work of the “Pensions & Investments” Research Centre. The magazine for institutional investors put together the Top […] Read more »

Opinion – Some Reasons SWFs Will Not Buy HF Management Companies

By Simon Kerr A recent article suggested that SWFs are exploring the possibility of buying asset management companies. Could hedge fund management companies be on their radar? The reasons given for buying asset managers are two-fold: to reduce fees and to ramp up investment expertise. It could be that the most senior executives at the […] Read more »

Co-Opting Marketing Resources for Hedge Funds – Part Two

Preqin – Building On A Database     The previous and following articles in this series cover lead generator companies in the hedge fund business who make great efforts to explain that they are not database companies. Preqin is a database company that is trying to add some value beyond that restrictive label, so is […] Read more »