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There are a range of good titles for the hedge fund industry, most of which started as hard copy publications that grew into other media and activities. Hedge Fund Insight is an internet-only title. There is no hard copy version, and the publisher has used the flexibility of the internet in the formats and the media used on this site. There are podcasts, there are videos, and most importantly, commissioned, well-written features. Articles can be graphically-based and brief in the “Shorts & Humour” section, and/or a full 3,000 word profile article. The longest item on this website is 7,000 words long. It is hoped that you won’t expect everything you get here.



Hedge Fund Insight gives access to commentary and analysis not available elsewhere. There are specific sections for investors in hedge funds and hedge fund managers. Regulatory matters are covered, and there is space for market opinion.  The site acts as an aggregator/curator of relevant copy as well as producing original content from the staff of Hedge Fund Insight.  Many of the articles have been specifically requested for HFI from the authors because of our interest in the authors and the topic. The editorial process turns down 3 items for inclusion for every 1 that makes it to publication. Quality not volume is key in a world of information overload.

Hedge Fund Insight puts an emphasis on commentary, analysis and humour. The content is not driven by short-term news flow and the sharing of performance data that other hedge fund media do so well. On HFI context is king. We also provide articles on “how to” for emerging managers and for specialists, such as marketers or risk managers, within the hedge fund industry.

The website gives access to commentary and analysis not available elsewhere. For example I was really interested to read Nick Padmore’s contribution on communication via manager letters, and I have received good feedback on the articles by Theodore Brailey (the last one you can read here).

A wide range of writers provide the expert insight. Please contact the me if you would like to find out how to contribute yourself.  As before, this imprint is intended to be light of short term news content, and have a bias towards exploring the state of play of the hedge fund industry – the rationale for it, as well as the the facts of it.

There is potential to cover a wider number of topics in a range of formats and lengths here than in a linear time-line blog format. It is intended to make use of that flexibility to have more coverage of regulatory matter in particular, as that will be a hot button for managers and investors for some time yet.  The flexibility will also be used in the “Shorts & Humour” section to share short stories and emergent facts, and provide anecdotal evidence of the trends of the industry.  “Shorts & Humour” also majors on graphical ways to reflect what is going on amongst hedge fund management companies and investors in hedge funds.

So please join in you hedge fund managers, investors in hedge funds, consultants and service providers – we need your insight.


Hedge Fund Insight is published by Simon Kerr.

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