Apple Cartoon

    From “Don’t worry Tim – I was put in the Naughty Corner a few times myself” Amid Apple’s first fall in sales for 13 years, please find analysis, charts and a comic below that might help any coverage you provide on the tech giant’s earnings miss.   “The disappointing earnings got a lot […] Read more »

The Twitterati on Hedge Fund Advertising Post JOBS Act

Twitter users took to social media to offer a humorous look at what to expect now that the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to lift a long-standing ban on marketing and promoting private funds. Here is a selection of the offerings:   Barry Ritholtz ‏@ritholtz 10 Jul Sometimes you feel like a derivative re-hypothecated security, […] Read more »

The Three-Word Hedge Fund Industry

3 word HF Indy 4

By Simon Kerr, Publisher Hedge Fund Insight   Smarts with structure,  Fees on fees, Ego and talent,     Brand names dominate, Rich List Members,       Mayfair and Tri-State, Investments, letters, flows,         Surname over door, Tactics subsuming strategy,       Controlled risk investments, This month, then?     Portfolio manager mavens, Big get bigger,   Regulations throttling […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Job Titles Defined

Hedge Fund Analyst A person who spends their day tracking the activities of people whose job they would have liked. Quantitative Researcher A person who can attach probabilities to future events by looking backwards. Portfolio Manager A person who has an enormous breadth of knowledge across a range of industries and is an expert in […] Read more »