Private Credit Preferred Strategy of Wealth Managers – Mercers Survey


By Hedge Fund Insight staff A survey was conducted by CAIS and Mercer at a recent conference* tailored to independent financial advisors on the West Coast. “We are increasingly seeing advisors target a three-dimensional portfolio that more closely resembles a 50/30/20 model across stocks, bonds, and alts,” said Matt Brown, Founder and CEO of CAIS. “These findings would seem to […] Read more »

Has Brexit Prospect Already Spooked US Macro Managers In London?

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight   HFI has been tracking the trends in employment of American hedge funds in London since 2010. The links below this article show two of the previous related articles. What prompted today’s article was the release of results from Fortress Investment Group  – a company that has […] Read more »

King Street Capital Manages The Daddy Of Distressed Funds


From     King Street Capital manages two of the largest distressed debt funds – the very largest King Street Capital Ltd ($12.5bn AUM) , and King Street Europe ($1.2bn). If one manager from this largest manager list has to be selected on the grounds of performance it would be Hildene Capital Management. Both distressed funds […] Read more »

Fortress’ Novogratz on Bitcoin – Quotation Of the Day

By Hedge Fund Insight staff “What company has a $4.5bn market cap with 30,000 programmers providing human capital to it? I’m certain of one thing with Bitcoin:  the banking industry is nervous of it. The democratization of finance is coming and Bitcoin is one piece of it.”   Mike Novogratz, principal at Fortress Investment Group, […] Read more »

A Dilemma For Fortress As Hedge Funds Nudge Towards Full Profit Potential

By Hedge Fund Insight staff The hedge fund business of Fortress Investment Group is nudging toward full profit potential five years after the Credit Crunch. Fortress’ reporting puts the hedge funds that take credit risk into a separate bucket from the others, so the award winning  Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds comes under Credit Hedge Funds.  The […] Read more »

Laurentia Successfully Dances With The Markets

Laurentia Warhol Illustration

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight Neil Meadows categorises global macro managers into two types – tactical managers and thematic managers. Classic tactical managers would be the Palindrome (George Soros), Mike Novogratz of Fortress and George Papamarkakis of North Asset Management. Examples of thematic managers given by Meadows are Guillaume Fonkenell of Pharo […] Read more »

Contrast Between Credit and Liquid Hedge Funds at Fortress

By Simon Kerr Fortress Investment Group LLC reported 3Q 2012 results recently. Fortress divides its hedge funds into two groups – Liquid Hedge Funds and Credit Hedge Funds. Credit Hedge Funds includes the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund and the Value Recovery Funds, and the Liquid Hedge Funds includes the Fortress Convex Asia Fund, Commodities Fund, […] Read more »

Fortress’ Logan Circle At The Tipping Point

By Simon Kerr Across its funds businesses Fortress Investment Group has put in some good returns this year, including from its hedge funds.  Should the superior returns continue, the Group will be well placed to give better profitability to its investors, not the least from Logan Circle, the institutional fixed income manager acquired in April 2010. […] Read more »