Fund of Hedge Funds Consolidation Infographic

FOF Consolidation title only 1

FOF Consolidation client breakdown 2

FOF Consolidation AUM by region time series 3

FOF Consolidation liquidations 4

FOF Consolidation location of acquiring firms 5

FOF Consolidation No of Deals by year 6

FOF Consolidation numbers 7

Consolidation has provided some managers with the means to grow their firm at a time when the wider fund of hedge funds industry has contracted both in terms of AUM and number of participants. The majority (60%) of investors active in hedge funds seek exposure to the asset class via multi-manager vehicles, either solely or as part of a mixed allocation. Furthermore, when it comes to the investors that allocate the largest amounts of capital to hedge funds, namely pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, this proportion increases to nearly four in every five seeking exposure to the asset class via multi-manager vehicles.



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