Low Vol, Divergences, A Dow Theory Signal And An Extension on the Dow -Hmmmm

From Richard Edwards of HED Capital Management   Dow Jones futures have made a daily-scale top extension (by Tuesday’s close). This comes immediately after the occurrence of ‘divergence’ between two Dow indices pointed out on Monday – a Dow Theory sell signal for equities. The Dow Jones Industrial Average itself has risen, ignoring lurching drops […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Outlook – Greater Dispersion To Aid Equity Strategies, Credit? Not So Much

by 50 South Capital Advisors, LLC. INTRODUCTION After a volatile first quarter of 2016, global equity and bond markets regained their footing and finished in positive territory for the year. European equities were the regional exception, with the MSCI European Index posting negative returns through November. Although markets overall generated positive returns for investors in […] Read more »

Deutsche AWM Sticks to Strategy Biases – Positive on Equity M-N

By Hedge Fund Insight staff At the beginning of the last quarter Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Hedge Fund Advisory Team advised an overweight in equity market-neutral and an underweight in distressed investing strategies. Both have been good calls in the short period since. Here we catch up with Tim Gascoigne, Head of Liquid Alternatives – […] Read more »

Add to Equity M-N from Event Driven Advises Deutsche AWM

By Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Hedge Fund Advisory Team   Strategy and Drivers – Taking advantage of the rise in volatility “Volatility and liquidity are persistent themes”. The theme ofelevated volatility in markets – a key message of the June 2015 CIO view, suggests emphasising those strategies that thrive in this type of environment. […] Read more »

2015 Hedge Fund Outlook from Deutsche AWM

By Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Hedge Fund Advisory team     Our 12 month hedge fund performance forecasts are derived from our market outlook to the end of 2015, which in turn is anchored by the forecasts from the Deutsche AWM CIO Office. They are based on the following expectations:  We expect global economic […] Read more »