Cambridge Associates Named Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year by Institutional Investor

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   Cambridge Associates has been named Institutional Investor’s 2019 Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year at the 17th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. Cambridge Associates is a leading global investment firm. The firm aims to help endowments & foundations, healthcare systems, pension plans, and private clients implement and manage custom investment portfolios to generate […] Read more »

UK Pension Allocations To Hedge Funds Topped Out? Graphic of the Day

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Over the past three years Schroders has been tracking the default defined contribution (DC) investment strategies of the UK’s top 350 listed companies every six months to monitor change in asset allocation. Schroders note that “firms are making steady progress towards more diversified investment strategies, which we believe will help deliver […] Read more »

Graphics Of The Day – Odey European Fund’s Balance Sheet

From Hedge Fund Insight staff                 Net short of equity exposure by over 100% of balance sheet.                     Top 10 positions include 6 short positions. The sizing of the JGB/Australian Govt. Bond positions make it look like one relative […] Read more »

European Pension Fund Allocations to Hedge Funds – Infographic


European Pension Fund Allocations to Hedge Funds -Infographic source: Preqin European Pension Fund Allocations to Hedge Funds -Infographic source: Preqin (click on the image for enlarged version) related article: Pensions Plans And Hedge Funds – PIMCO Is The Biggest Winner (Aug 2014) Global Pension Assets Infographic (includes alternatives growth) (July 2015) Alternatives In UK DC […] Read more »

Alternatives In UK DC Pension Schemes – Schroders’ Report

By Stephen Bowles, Head of UK Institutional Defined Contribution, Schroders   This analysis of the defined contribution (DC) pension landscape among the top listed companies in the UK comes from the fifth edition of the Schroders’ FTSE Default DC schemes report. The aim of this six monthly report is to shine a light on default […] Read more »

Fed Rate Rise To Be Catalyst For Last Phase of EM Underperformance


By Jawad Mian, Managing Editor Stray Reflections   The inefficiencies that are at the heart of macro investing are permanent, as they relate to the inherent uncertainty of the future. The vast majority of the data required is publicly available. The differentiating factor is the ability to analyze and thematically organize the information into coherent […] Read more »

Don’t Chase Past Performance In Asset Allocation – Look Ahead

By Anric Blatt, Global Fund Exchange Group   Investing requires us to battle with natural human tendencies such as extrapolating the past into the future. Quantitative portfolio optimization often favors assets that have positive outlier performance in the past but are often likely to revert to the mean going forward.  More often than not, the […] Read more »

Sellers Strike Amongst Investors

By Michael Hartnett, Chief Investment Strategist, BofA Merrill Lynch In London recently, this was the feedback I got from clients.   All mouth and no trousers  There is a clear “sellers strike” in both equities and bonds right now; no-one wants to fight the Fed and risk assets are seen as impressively resilient to bad news […] Read more »