QuantCube launches new indicators – NO2 pollution and water stress included

From Hedge Fund Insight staff A new set of real-time economic indicators using satellite imagery and big data to show environmental change is now available from Alternative data specialist QuantCube Technology. The indicators are aimed at hedge funds, asset management firms, pension funds, investment banks and corporate treasurers and relate to four phenomena: Urban growth index […] Read more »

Outlook For Environmental Markets By Impax

By Ian Simm, Chief Executive of Impax Asset Management Policy  and Regulation – the ratchet continues to tighten Recent years have seen the ratchet of building regulations, energy efficiency standards and pollution limits continue to tighten.  As the global economy recovers, companies exposed to these themes are seeing their earnings start to rise strongly as […] Read more »

Don’t Chase Past Performance In Asset Allocation – Look Ahead

By Anric Blatt, Global Fund Exchange Group   Investing requires us to battle with natural human tendencies such as extrapolating the past into the future. Quantitative portfolio optimization often favors assets that have positive outlier performance in the past but are often likely to revert to the mean going forward.  More often than not, the […] Read more »