Macro Drives the Month & Quarter

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By Global Asset Management   Although the MSCI World index declined 1.8% in March, the real story was about equity dispersion, currencies and central bank policy.  In equities, dispersion of returns by geography continued in March, with equities rallying in China, Europe and Japan while selling off in the US. In currencies, the US dollar […] Read more »

Global Macro and CTAs Outperform Again In November

From Global Asset Management   Global equity markets continued on their upward trend from mid-October, finishing November up 2.1%, as measured by the MSCI World index in US dollars. US Treasuries and core European bonds also rallied.  Against this backdrop, coupled with a strong US dollar and downward trending oil prices, hedge funds performed positively. […] Read more »

Negative Feedback Loop Predicted on the US Dollar

By Chris Godding, Head of Global Equity at Signia Wealth It is ironic that the tapering of QE has a negative feedback loop on the US dollar.  Emerging Market currencies have been a major beneficiary of QE and EM central banks bought dollars to sterilise the appreciation of domestic currency, building foreign currency reserves and […] Read more »