Hedge Fund Reports But Not Subscriptions By Mobile Phone

By Hedge Fund Insight staff


Hedge Fund Insight has given attention to digital commerce and communication as they relate to hedge funds. The latest summation of internet trends captured in the infographic below from vpnMentor raises a few prompts for hedge fund marketers.

Manager letters are quite likely to be read via a smartphone – make sure the content is configured to be read on that platform as well as on a tablet or laptop computer.

Second it is probably not worth devoting much effort making it possible to add capital (not the initial subscription!) to funds via mobile phones – the conversion rate of traffic to e-commerce through smartphones is much lower than through a desktop or pad. It would be sensible to optimise the code for tablet users and laptops.

Somewhat bizarrely, 55% of US users of Pinterest use it to finding or shopping products. This is a reminder of the power of the image online. So how graphically rich are your websites, hedge fund management companies?


internet infographic 1
internet infographic 2
internet infographic 3

source: https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/vital-internet-trends


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