The Hedge Fund HOT 100 2014

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By Staff Writers of Hedge Fund Insight, led by Simon Kerr


Welcome to the second edition of The Hedge Fund Hot 100. As last year the aim is to capture what is emerging and trending and growing in the hedge fund industry. The absolute is interesting, and it is covered elsewhere in Top 50s and 100s in the hedge fund media. Hedge Fund Insight is not sizeist. The aim here is to capture what is most dynamic and should be getting increasing attention.

Funds and fund managers are covered, but so are administrators, lawyers and prime brokers. The broader themes covered here will be impacting your business over the next year.

The HFI Hedge Fund Hot 100 is not a ranking. So the firms and people in the nineties are not smaller or less important than those in the number range 30-to-40, with one exception. The Top 10 references important themes for the industry currently.

Naturally, as 80% of hedge fund selection is about a fund’s return series, the most common factor for inclusion in the Hot 100 is return, and recent return at that. What will get investor attention is superior performance versus the industry and against a peer group of some sort. All humans suffer from recent experience/data bias, the compilers of the Hedge Fund Hot 100 do too. So in this list most weighting for consideration has been given to returns over a recent year – usually the calendar year of 2013, but sometimes over the last twelve months to the end of February 2014. One or three months is a more immediate time frame for assessment, but in reality those in the hedge fund industry don’t react to or in those lengths of time.

The Hedge Fund Insight Hedge Fund Hot 100 gives some acknowledgement to service providers, where the hot label can be applied, and where it can be justified by external verification in surveys and awards. If any service providers can be making commercial hay it should be those that get external recognition by peers and clients. An advantage of running a second edition is that there are year-on-year comparisons available for sources that take snapshoots in time of data. For example, in analysis of web traffic or salaries there is now last years data to draw on as a reference, and this enables us to draw inference about demand from what has changed most in price/level.

This year the research effort had more depth and was conducted over a longer period of time. Thank you to those who committed their time, and for sharing their thoughts on what is hot in the hedge fund industry.

Hedge Fund Insight gives evidence in its content that it has a sense of humour, and is prepared to take a rounded view of what is relevant to those working in the hedge fund industry. The Hot 100 makes some calls on what is hot in a media sense and acknowledges the best charitable work of recent times that has been funded by hedgies.

Finally, despite the efforts to be objective and canvas wide opinion, there are biases and omissions in a list like the Hedge Fund Hot 100. If you are aware of something that should qualify for inclusion please use the comments fields to contribute yourself.

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