Denying Deflation; Definitely Dangerous

From Stephen Pope, Managing Partner, Spotlight Ideas Economic sentiment rose to 101.2. Business Climate Index increased to 0.37. Consumer expectations for CPI declined to 13.6. German CPI falling; R2 with Eurozone 0.8929. ECB must act on March 6th. This penultimate day of February delivered a mixed bag of news for the Eurozone.  On the positive […] Read more »

High Frequency Hysteria

Eu flag rescaled to 654x444

By Stephen Pope, Managing Partner of Spotlight Ideas Any investment is speculative. Speculation is not manipulation. Markets hold politicians to account. Shorting is an essential trading tool. Be wary about a cumbersome restriction on algorithms   The word “Hysteria” has its root in the Latin “hystericus”. It refers to “exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement” […] Read more »

Global Macro Outlook For 2014 From Spotlight Ideas

From Stephen Pope, Managing Partner, Spotlight Ideas Spotlight Ideas bullish on global economy in 2014.   Confident central bank policy will stay accommodative as  supporting the recovery is the best way to engineer a return to a more normal monetary policy.   The only cloud seen is that still posed by the Eurozone.     […] Read more »

A Surfeit of Copper To Pressure Prices Further Says Spotlight’s Pope

By Stephen Pope, Managing Partner Spotlight Ideas C21 saw significant mine capacity increases. Copper in excess supply. Price will decline; target USD2.88 / lb. There is a surfeit in the copper market. As at midday on September 3rd 2013 copper traded at USD3.278 / lb a rise of 8.01% off the local low of USD3.035 […] Read more »