Fed Ploughing a Deep Furrow of Confusion


By Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADM Investor Services International Limited   If the FOMC’s objective was to convey confusion, it has succeeded, thereby ploughing a deep furrow of instability and destabilization, and shining a very bright light on the large debt and liquidity trap it and other G7 central banks have spent 7 years crafting. […] Read more »

5y-10yr US Treasury Rates Need To Rise Further Say ECM

Alex Temple, Portfolio Manager at ECM Asset Management   To the casual observer, the US rates market has never had it so good. We have had Ben Bernanke and now Janet Yellen. We’ve had calendar guidance and forward guidance. We’ve had a buyer who telegraphs all purchases, publishes all holdings and has bought almost 40% […] Read more »

The Pace Of Tapering By The Fed Under New Leadership

Fed Res Icon Fading

By Colin Cieszynski, Senior Market Analyst, CMC Markets Following the decision to commence tapering at the last meeting, this article looks what the possible outcomes from the forthcoming FOMC meeting could mean for market participants this year.   The article addresses: The key questions following the Fed meeting in December Why QE may be trimmed […] Read more »