Plea to HF Managers – No More Double-Speak Please!

By Diane Harrison, principal of Panegyric Marketing   While watching the recent Congressional Benghazi hearings drone along at a glacial pace, it seemed that the verbal maneuverings and utter lack of candidness bore an eerie resemblance to the spin-doctoring that managers sometimes fall prey to as a defensive mechanism when asked tough questions by investors. […] Read more »

5 SNAFUs To Avoid With Investors

By Diane Harrison, principal of Panegyric Marketing   Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. ─Dwight D. Eisenhower A SNAFU is a borrowed term from the military, circa 1941, that refers to a Situation Normal All Fouled Up (except soldiers used a […] Read more »

Think Before You Speak: Creating Maximum Impact

By Diane Harrison, Panegyric Marketing   A t some point in every business, there comes a time when you need to sit down and engage in some introspective planning to create, refresh or fine-tune the marketing message.  Most people who are successful in business are willing to spend whatever time, energy and resources are required […] Read more »

Top Five Things To Put In Your Hedge Fund Presentation

By William Battersby, Asset Dynamics Ltd.   The marketer’s life revolves around presentations –planning them, making them, arranging them and updating them.  The marketer’s tool is almost universally PowerPoint.  Whether delivering a lecture to a hall of 500 people, or a one on one briefing, the marketer rarely risks any meeting without having something produced […] Read more »

10 Things You need To Know About Hedge Fund Marketing Content

By Brenna Hardman,  CEO of Buy Side Design Hedge funds can now advertise. As the long-time SEC ban on hedge fund solicitation is retired and hedge funds capitalize on the JOBS Act, hedge fund managers should keep the following in mind: 1. Good design pays off. A 2004 study by the Design Council in the UK showed […] Read more »