Exploiting The Hunger Premium Of Emerging Managers

By Najy Nasser, Chief Investment Officer of HeadStart Advisers Ltd According to the English proverb: ‘hunger is the best sauce.’ In investment terms, those with the most to gain from strong performance, will work hardest to achieve it. Hunger can, therefore, be one of the best sources of return. When it comes to harvesting the […] Read more »

Chart Of The Day – Hedge Funds & The Largest 200 US Pension Funds

P&I growth-of-hedge-fund-assets 10 yrs to Sep 12

Growth of DB Pension Fund Assets in Hedge Funds Source: Pensions & Investments,  Among the top 200 funds; assets are in billions for years ended Sept. 30. Investment in hedge funds among the 200 largest U.S. retirement funds jumped 20.3% to $134.7 billion in total hedge fund and hedge funds-of-funds in the year ended Sept. […] Read more »

And How Have The Internal Processes Developed At The Endowment To Invest In Hedge Funds?

By Simon Kerr One of the best things about the flows into the hedge fund industry coming from American investing institutions is that a good proportion of them are from public bodies. Consequently there is very good transparency about the activities in the hedge fund sector of state pension plans, for example. Through the annual […] Read more »