Nearly All HF Strategies Down in June

By Financial Risk Management (FRM is part of Man Group)   MARKETS In the US, we remain cautious of equity valuations. Earnings growth is weakening and some data shows it becoming negative. Data also shows institutions have been net sellers of stock for the past four quarters and only non-financials have been net buyers over […] Read more »

European Equity Hedge Funds with a Fundamental Bias in Demand

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight European equity hedge fund managers have done a very good job this year in both producing absolute returns, and, as importantly, holding on to them in down phases of the market. With the STOXX 600 up 11.86% in 2013, European long/short hedge fund managers are up 8.89% […] Read more »

Pattern of Flows to Hedge Funds By Region Continues – Europe & Asia Winners

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Earlier it was noted here that European and Asian hedge funds were starting to attract capital flows. American institutional investors are the source of roughly 60% of the flows to the industry, and this year they have diversified from their existing holdings of hedge funds. That trend has continued into […] Read more »