A Q&A with Cantab Capital – the culture and processes of software development


Cantab Capital is one of Europe’s leading managed futures firms. Dr. Tom Howat is a Senior Scientist and one of seven partners at the Cambridge-based money manager. Here he talks to Hedge Fund Insight’s Publisher Simon Kerr about his experience of working there. Q. (Simon Kerr) Tom, Can you tell me about when you joined […] Read more »

Rotella TEXO – A Diversifying Program By Design

rotella illustration 2

By Simon Kerr One of the manifest difficulties of a successful trader or investor with their own firm is to diversify investment strategies.  The monied trader will be very good at one particular way of addressing markets and won’t necessarily be a master of the universe in another investment discipline.  The edge may be different […] Read more »

SEB Bias Towards RV and Macro In Outlook For Hedge Funds

Victor de Oliveira, Portfolio Manager and Head of Investment Strategy, SEB Luxemburg The strong start to the year came to an end in the second quarter. The fading effects of the European Central Bank’s Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO, three-year loans at 1 per cent interest) reduced risk appetite, while increasing volatility made the market […] Read more »

GAM Comment On Last Month For Hedge Funds

Hedge funds posted negative returns in May with the HFRX Global Hedge Fund index closing down 1.7%. Funds protected capital as risk markets sold off steeply. The S&P 500 index ended the month down 6.0%, the MSCI World (in USD) fell 8.5%, the euro (in USD) lost 6.6% and the DJ UBS Commodity index was […] Read more »