Rising Costs of Prime Brokers Will Affect Hedge Fund Financing

Strategic 4

By Radi Khasawneh of TABB Group   Prime brokerage, the last bastion of resistance to wholesale transparency and efficiency in the equity markets, is being dragged into the light. New capital and leverage ratios to be introduced by the Basel Committee for Banking Standards will penalize prime brokers whose securities financing operations will now be […] Read more »

Big Changes For Hedge Funds In Management Of Counterparties & Collateral Seen By Citi

By Citi Investor Services   This article gives the key findings from Part 2 of  “The 2014 Citi Investor Services 5th Annual Industry Evolution Report”.   The factors driving change in the hedge fund industry are shifting. For the five years since the Global Financial Crisis, major industry evolution occurred primarily in response to a […] Read more »

Hardline Regulatory Stance On Asset-Backed Softens

By Andrew Lennox, Lead Portfolio Manager at ECM Asset Management As we have discussed regularly in our weekly pieces, many of the current proposals for the regulatory treatment of securitisation, whether it be for banks or insurance companies, are still informed by the dark days of the credit crisis when Asset Backed Securities (ABS) was […] Read more »