Quotations of the Day from “Activist Investing in Europe” Conference

By Hedge Fund Insight staff


“Activism is a cyclical activity – as returns drop off the capital applied to the strategy  goes down.”

Edward Bramson, Sherborne Investors Management LP


“Non-professional activists are engaging in activist investing. So I think the amount of capital in the strategy in Europe is not going to go down.”- David Rosewater, Morgan Stanley


“Event Julien BALKANYdriven hedge funds are now joining in with activists in lobbying for change in US companies and to a lesser extent in British ones.”

Julien Balkany, Nanes Balkany Partners







“Good governance of itself doesn’t create value, but is a component of it.”

Jim Mitarotonda, Barington Capital Group, LP


“It is harder to make an extra turn, that is better returImage result for tony dalwood greshamns in this style of investing, when valuations are already high in the public markets as they are now.”

Tony Dalwood, Gresham House plc