Hong Kong and Singapore Based Managers Take Share of Asian Hedge Funds

By Hedge Fund Insight staff

Pre-Credit Crunch the largest Asian territories in the hedge fund industry (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Japan) hosted 43.6% of Asian hedge funds. This year those same Big Four has a combined share of 50.8% by number of funds.

The corollary is that Western financial centres lost share over the last decade. The combined share of the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland went from 40.6% to 32.0%, with the biggest change in share for Asian hedge funds managed from the U.K.

Biggest Absolute Increase in Share – Hong Kong (15.1 to 20.8%. 2007 to 2017)

Biggest Absolute Decline in Share – United Kingdom (21.6% to 16.7%)

Eurekahedge Asian Hfs HQs

Other Changes:

Singapore has been a notable gainer of share of HQs of Asian hedge funds from 2007 to 2017, from 10.4% to 14.1%.

Japan and Australia lost share over the last decade – Japan, 6.0 to 5.2%; Australia 12.1 to 10.6%.

United Arab Emirates has a larger share than Bermuda in 2017.

The UAE has the same share as France (1.7%), and nearly as much as Switzerland (1.8%) in 2017.



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