Gold, the Yen, Upside in Equities and Petroleum Week With Archbridge Capital

Strategic 4

In this article Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight, has a Q&A session with global macro manager  Hakan  Kocayusufpasaoglu, CIO of Archbridge Capital.   Hedge Fund Insight: You had a good year in 2013, with your macro fund up over 19%. In which asset classes did you make the most money, and how much […] Read more »

85% Hit Rate Pays Off For CTA Warren Capital

By Kamran Ghalitschi, publisher of HedgeNordic In another year turning out to be challenging for Managed Futures, the Nordic Hedge Index CTA sub index just managed to creep into positive territory for the year, largely picking up some tailwind from trends in equity markets. Warren Capitals two CTAs outpaced the index, clocking in the better […] Read more »

Podcast Of Hedge Fund Radio On The 17th February 2014

Make sure you listen out for the February 17th edition of the four time Sony Awards-nominated N@ked Short Club on Resonance FM [104.4FM within London/online worldwide on the internet here]: 1 hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state of the world, plus sweet poetry and heady music…No promotional agenda, no commercial intent…just Ponzi […] Read more »

Podcast Q&A – Value Investing in China with Value Partners

Value Partners Podcast 2

Presentation and Podcast by Alan Wang, Senior Fund Manager and Head of Research (Shanghai) at Value Partners     Alan Wang is one of the key investment professionals supporting the Milltrust Value Partners Greater China Fund. Milltrust International and Value Partners held a joint investor presentation on the 24th of October last year in London.   […] Read more »

Laurentia Successfully Dances With The Markets

Laurentia Warhol Illustration

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight Neil Meadows categorises global macro managers into two types – tactical managers and thematic managers. Classic tactical managers would be the Palindrome (George Soros), Mike Novogratz of Fortress and George Papamarkakis of North Asset Management. Examples of thematic managers given by Meadows are Guillaume Fonkenell of Pharo […] Read more »

Download Available of HEDGE FUND RADIO on RESONANCE FM on 24th June

You are cordially invited to listen to the (Four times Sony Awards-nominated) N@ked Short Club on Monday, June 24th Hosted by Dr. Stu (Winner, Hedge Funds Review 2011 Special Award for Outstanding Industry Contribution) 9-10pm/21.00-22.00 hrs., London time, on Resonance FM [104.4FM within London/online worldwide via]: An hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state […] Read more »

Rotella TEXO – A Diversifying Program By Design

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By Simon Kerr One of the manifest difficulties of a successful trader or investor with their own firm is to diversify investment strategies.  The monied trader will be very good at one particular way of addressing markets and won’t necessarily be a master of the universe in another investment discipline.  The edge may be different […] Read more »

PODCAST With London’s Hilltop Fund Management

Podcast with Hilltop 3

In this podcast with Rory Hills of Hilltop Fund Management HFI Publisher Simon Kerr goes into what it is that makes Hilltop different as a fund of hedge funds management company.   The London-based firm has produced some competitive returns during its short life. The monthly returns of the flagship Hilltop Core Select Fund are […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Radio on Macroeconomics

This week’s edition of the radio show “The Naked Short Club” in the link below has a macroeconomic flavour. The guests were: Robert Gardener– co-CEO, Redington/co-Founder, Mallow Street; Jiri Krol– Director, Government & Regulatory Affairs, AIMA; Simon Kerr– Publisher, Hedge Fund Insight/Principal, Enhance Consulting; writer/speaker/consultant, Guy Fraser Sampson– CASS Business School/Author, “The Mess We’re In: […] Read more »

HFI PODCAST: Inside OMAM Quants v2


The first Hedge Fund Insight Podcast is an exploration with Dr. Ian Heslop of how his team operates and it explores some of the structural decisions they have made to manage capital quantitatively at Old Mutual Asset Managers (OMAM).  Ian Heslop is Head of Quantitative Strategies, running a team of five, and he is co-Fund […] Read more »