Global Macro – Why Should Investors Even Bother? – Graphic of the Day

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In the last ten years Global Macro funds at the index level have produced annual returns of 5%-plus on only three occasions. For comparison Distressed funds produced 5%-plus in five of those years. Of the eight strategy groups analysed, Global Macro funds produced the lowest annualised return over the last decade. Global Macro funds beat […] Read more »

HSBC Review of Hedge Funds in 2013 and Outlook for 2014

By Dean Turner, Investment Strategist, HSBC Private Bank Hedge funds reviewed Hedge funds have delivered healthy risk-adjustedreturns over the last few years, and have been a useful diversifier for portfolios. In our view, the macroeconomic and investing environment should remain supportive for managers across equity, credit and macro strategies. We have been positive on the […] Read more »