Hidden Risks In Large Institutional Hedge Fund Managers

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By Peter Douglas of GFIA   I recently chaired a Bloomberg discussion, targeted at small or growing hedge funds, offering advice on what investors are looking for. My panellists all had at least 10 years’, and in one case 20 years’ experience in the hedge fund or institutional asset management industry, in senior positions. The […] Read more »

85% Hit Rate Pays Off For CTA Warren Capital

By Kamran Ghalitschi, publisher of HedgeNordic In another year turning out to be challenging for Managed Futures, the Nordic Hedge Index CTA sub index just managed to creep into positive territory for the year, largely picking up some tailwind from trends in equity markets. Warren Capitals two CTAs outpaced the index, clocking in the better […] Read more »

The CTA Industry Is Not Suffering From Capacity Issues

By James Skeggs, Senior Director, Global Co-Head of Advisory Group at Newedge In the last two years, the CTA industry has grown to manage about $330bn in investor capital.  Concurrently, the industry has found itself in a drawdown that has lasted 29 months, which at its worst was 11.7% below its peak in 2011. Some […] Read more »

Return of Your Capital over Return on Your Capital

By Lee Robinson, Altana Wealth Limited It is difficult to know where to start. 2013 is beginning to look like a pivotal year for so many regions globally. The bear is savaging each market in turn. First it was commodities then emerging market currencies followed by everything else in emerging markets. China is back to […] Read more »

Bridgewater Win Shows It Leads the Way in the Hedge Fund Industry


Bridgewater Associates is an outlier in the hedge fund industry – the size of the organization (1400 people), the assets under management ($150bn in investments), and the returns. The Westport Connecticut firm is known for its distinctive corporate culture so it is not a template or an exemplar for others  on the investment side, but […] Read more »

Peripheral Europe Sovereign Risk Up Around Month End

By Stephen Lewis, Chief Economist, Monument Securities The euro has performed strongly so far this year.  Since 31 December, its effective rate has risen by more than 2% to stand at its highest since November 2011.  It is back at the level it traded immediately prior to the ECB’s announcing it would extend liquidity to […] Read more »

Large Investors Negotiate Terms With Offshore Funds

Ingrid Pierce, Global Managing Partner, Walkers Satisfying investor demands:  IFCs must promote compliance and high governance standards as investor power reaches unprecedented levels. As consolidation in recent years has led to fewer, larger players, the funds industry is now witnessing the emergence of a new generation of influential single investors with an unprecedented amount of […] Read more »