Europe Reworked: The Impact of Political Change

By Michael Browne, Portfolio Manager European Long/Short at Martin Currie Politics will undoubtedly remain one of the key macro themes for Europe over the next 12 months. A packed list of elections, rising anti-establishment sentiment and the re-emergence of Greek debt will all play a crucial role in determining the future direction of the European Union […] Read more »

The Revival of the Market for Securitization of NPLs in Italy – A Podcast with Michelangelo Margaria of Moody’s

At the Distressed Investments Forum held by DDC Financial Group in London in March 2016, Simon Kerr Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight spoke to Michelangelo Margaria of Moody’s Investor Services about the revival of the the market for securitization of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in Italy. The first issuance of the second wave (the first started […] Read more »

Hot Topics Amongst Clients of Spotlight Ideas – ECB, France …and Coffee

By Stephen Pope, Managing Partner Spotlight Ideas We publish, with client approval a series of questions that have been raised on several occasions in the past month. Hopefully our answers will prove helpful and maybe add to the take on the contemporary state of the financial markets and economy. This month we start with here […] Read more »