Fitch London Credit Outlook Conference Highlights

From Fitch Ratings Fitch Ratings’ annual series of European credit outlook events returned to London today, with a combination of presentations and panel discussion focussed on the question: Why is Funding The Key to Recovery?   Below are some highlight quotes from today’s presentations.   Sovereigns: “On the back of a fragile economic recovery and […] Read more »

Money Stock, Currencies, Banks, Gold and Trust

By Toby Birch ( In my short-lived and unremarkable military career I learned many things that are now redundant. In the event of a nuclear Apocalypse my Morse code skills would be in great demand as digital communication would no longer function. Likewise, if I was to visit a tin-pot dictatorship or tank scrapyard I […] Read more »

Hedge Funds to Step Up In LBO Market in Europe

Just like the private equity business, Leveraged Buy Out (LBO) activity is usually subject to a cycle related to that of the stock market with a lag. On top of that in Europe there used to be laid a secular growth in LBO volume, and a long-term trend towards a wider variety of buy-out financing […] Read more »