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Hedge Fund Insight has come back during the covid pandemic. Recent articles reflect investors turning to Private Credit as a preferred strategy. Whilst not a surprise at the sophisticated institutional investor level, the same applies to wealth managers, according to a recent Mercers’ survey.

As before HFI captures wider trends through the particular. For example, the article on York Capital Management in Europe reflects a tough time for their equity-related strategies, and a wider trend for withdrawal by large hedge fund groups from managing “Other People’s Money”.

The Argo Group article is written to reflect the multi-year trend of less involvement by insurers with hedge funds. The usual bugbears of investors of fees and performance are cited, but issues related to regulatory capital are never far away when it comes to insurers and hedge funds.




At the last re-design of Hedge Fund Insight a stream for marketing of hedge funds was introduced. This has been a consistent topic since the site was launched in July 2012. Further I consider it one of the topics which has had very good quality contributions. I recommend that readers use “marketing” as a search term in the website’s search facility to have a good look at what has been published on the topic here, or go to the Marketing section.

These are the first ten headlines for the topic:

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