UK Hedge Fund Rich List 2018

by Hedge Fund Insight staff


Michael Platt, the co-founder of BlueCrest Capital Management, is the richest hedge fund manager in Britain with a net worth of £3 billion ($4.1 billion), according to the Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times published its 2018 “Rich List” yesterday (May 13), ranking the 1,000 wealthiest people in the UK. It compiles the index by calculating net worth based on identifiable wealth, including land, property, other assets such as art and racehorses, or shares in publicly quoted companies. The calculations do not include bank accounts, which the paper can’t access. The list includes, where relevant, spouses who actively participate in their partner’s business or who pool their assets.

The data show that over the last year, Platt’s wealth increased by £600 million ($813 million). Platt’s success is in large part due to the decision by BlueCrest in 2015 to return the approximately £5.2 billion of outside investors’ money it had been managing. From then on, BlueCrest’s traders have been managing the roughly £750 million in assets Platt and his partners had made by running the fund for previous decade and a half, as well as borrowed money.

That, according to Bloomberg, freed BlueCrest up to not worry so much about proving a monthly return, and, therefore, take on more risk. It paid off. In 2016, the hedge fund generated a return of 50% on its capital, and in 2017 improved further, to a return of 54%. And of course, since much of the capital used during by BlueCrest in the past few years was Platt’s own, that’s led to a significant increase in the hedge fund manager’s personal wealth.

Ranking Name Hedge fund 2018 wealth Wealth increase/decrease from 2017
1 Michael Platt BlueCrest Capital £3 billion Up £600 million
2 Michael Hintze CQS £1.38 billion Up £100 million
3 Nick Roditi N. Roditi & Co. £1.19  billion Up £181 million
4 Tom Sandell Sandell Asset Management £1.07 billion New entry
5 Alan Howard Brevan Howard £1.01 billion Down £30 million
 6(tied) David Harding Winton Capital £1 billion Down £300 million
6 (tied) Chris Hohn TCI Fund Holdings £1 billion Up £180 million
8 Chris Rokos Brevan Howard/Rokos Capital Management £775 million Up £75 million
9 Crispin Odey and Nichola Pease Odey Asset Management £750 million Down £25 million
10 John Armitage Egerton Capital £540 million No change
11 (tied) Paul Marshall Marshall Wace £520 million Up £15 million
11 (tied) Ian Wace Marshall Wace £520 million Up £15 million
13 (tied) Yan Huo Capula Investment Management £475 million Up £75 million
13 (tied) Andrew Law Caxton Associates £475 million No change
15 William Bollinger Egerton Capital £450 million No change
16 Martin Hughes Toscafund Asset Management £420 million Up £30 million
17 Jeremy Hosking Marathon Asset Management £355 million Up £25 million
18 Jonathan Hiscock GSA Capital £325 million Up £5 million
19 John Beckwith Pacific Asset Management £310 million Up £8 million
20 (tied) Paul Ruddock Lansdowne Partners £300 million No change
20 (tied) Nicola Tangen AKO Capital £300 million Up £12 million
20 (tied) Ross Turner Pelham Capital £300 million Up £77 million

Please note that research by HFI has fed into several different entries in the UK hedge fund rich list given above.  As constructed, the table above lists men who have made most of their wealth from hedge fund strategies.


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