Tages Adds Storied CTA to UCITS Platform

By Hedge Fund Insight staff


Europe’s biggest hedge fund seeder has backed a new UCITS launch. Tages Capital has launched a UCITS version of the Rotella Polaris strategy, a managed futures program with a long pedigree run by Rotella Capital Management.

Rotella, established by Robert Rotella in 1995, has been a pioneer in the development of specialist systematic managed futures programmes. The Rotella Polaris Program has been managed since 1991, with the objective of producing consistent absolute returns, minimising monthly drawdowns, and maintaining relatively low volatility. The Tages Rotella UCITS Fund, leveraging the Rotella Polaris strategy, is launching with a minimum of €25 million of institutional capital.

Jagdeesh Prakasam, Co- CIO, Rotella Capital Management explained the link-up with Tages. “Rotella is delighted to partner with Tages in order to offer our long running Managed Futures programme to UCITS investors. We see this vital partnership with Tages as a gateway for UCITS investors to access the best of Rotella’s thinking on the financial markets created by our experienced research talent. Our intermediate to long-term trend following managed futures programme has a 25+ year track record of consistent absolute returns, with a low correlation to stock and bond markets. We are pleased to be able to offer the strategy in a UCITS regulated format. With Tages representing one of the most active firms investing in the fast growing UCITS alternatives segment, this Fund will broaden our client base and enable us to attract new interest in our strategy”.

The partnership has been in development for some time, and from the Tages perspective can work because of the quality of the investment adviser. Jamie Kermisch, London-based  CEO of Tages Capital commented:

“Rotella has been paving the way in systematic managed futures investing for 25 years and has a demonstrable long-term track record of delivering non-correlated returns. We are pleased to partner with a business of such an outstanding pedigree, that continues to show commitment to being a leader in the world of systematic investing. As the fourth fund to launch on our UCITS alternative platform in just over a year, Tages remains committed to providing investors access to experienced, high quality managers of differentiated strategies.”