Quest Partners Named ‘Best CTA Management Firm of the Year’

By Hedge Fund Insight staff


Quest Partners (Quest), a research driven alternative investment firm headquartered in New York with $1.5bn assets under management, today announced that it was named ‘Best Management Firm of the Year’ at the 2018 CTA Intelligence US Performance Awards at The Yale Club in New York.

The CTA intelligence US Performance Awards recognizes the best performing North American CTAs and managed futures funds. Winners are evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of representatives from CTA Intelligence, operations professionals at leading CTA and managed futures firms, along with other industry experts.

Quest offers investors strong absolute returns and hedging characteristics, particularly during periods of volatility expansion and fixed income and/or equity market corrections. Quest’s trading programs have a differentiated approach to classic trend following due to faster reactions to trend reversals that aim to capture price movements accentuated by skew, or asymmetric risk present in markets. The firm’s specialist approach offers investors portfolio diversification and can act as a hedge to traditional portfolios, hedge fund portfolios and portfolios of CTAs, particularly during periods of crisis.

Nigol Koulajian, CIO and Founder of Quest Partners, said “We are honored to be recognized as the ‘Best Management Firm of the Year’ and humbled that Quest’s philosophy of providing strong uncorrelated returns and significant Alpha with focus on positive skew has been recognized by investors globally and within the industry. We continued to remain disciplined on this path, which we believe is even more relevant going forward as the market regime shifts due Central Bank policies unwinding and interest rates and market volatility normalizing.”

Quest Partners was founded by Nigol Koulajian in 2001. Quest employs a quantitative trading process across multiple asset classes in over 60 liquid global markets including commodities, currencies, equity indices and fixed income.

Over the past 24 months, the firm has grown from $675m to $1.465 billion (as of February 2018), or roughly 117%, for the same products. The strong increase in assets under management has been driven by investments from leading global investors which including pensions, foundations and family offices.