Podcast Of Hedge Fund Radio On The 15th September 2014

This is the first edition of the latest series of the four time Sony Awards-nominated N@ked Short Club on Resonance FM: 1 hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state of the world, plus sweet poetry and heady music…No promotional agenda, no commercial intent…just Ponzi Bier and Pure Alpha both on tap.

One of the key segments concerned the return prospects of CTAs. It will surprise some that the tone was far from negative.

Host, Dr. Stu will help callers to the Emergency Hedge Fund Helpline (1-800-DISTRESSED) to remain calm in the face of AIFMD, JOBS Act or performance  pressures with expert guests:


Dr. Chris Jones– Head of Public Markets & Alternatives, B Finance;

Bob SwarupPrincipalCamdor Global;

Simon Kerr– Publisher, Hedge Fund Insight;

plus by Tantric Videolink from the US, Robert Savage– CEO, CCTrack.


Poetry: Joyce Goldstein.

Master Engineer: Chris Dixon.

Music: the Orb/Gong, Steve Hillage, Jefferson Airplane, Terry Riley, Neu


Download the programme at