Podcast 3 – A Q&A with Two Third Party Marketers of Hedge Funds


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Part One
(8 minutes)

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1.50 What are Third Party Marketers?

2.23 How was 2009 for Third Party Marketers?

4.05 Databases over Third Party Marketers?

6.00 Transactions versus Relationships

7.01 Repeat Visits to Targets

7.58 Decisions by Committees

(13 minutes)

0.00 Branding in the Hedge Fund Business

2.48 Marketing Materials

4.16 Clarity of Materials over Logo Design

5.10 Boiled-Down Presentations

6.37 The Last Two Minutes of the Presentation

7.13 Matching Material to Territory and Investor type

8.22 Establishing Trust

8.55 Initial Assessment of Manager

9.40 Friends & Family Money First

10.47 More Established Manager for Institutional Investors

11.19 The Sourcing of Managers

(6 minutes)

0.00 Next Stage after Identifying the Managers to Work With

1.50 Marketing Due Diligence

3.04 The Sweet Spot Now

5.18 Strategies to Appeal in 2010

My Thanks go to James Palmer of Red Sky Capital Solutions (redskycapsol.com)

And Barry Rogers of Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Partners (research@aimpartners.co.uk)

for their contributions to the discussion podcast above.