New Book: “Successfully Launching A Hedge Fund in Europe”

Now available on Amazon*, the new title published by Hedge Fund Insight: “Successfully Launching A Hedge Fund in Europe”.

Leading service providers share the do’s and dont’s of getting into the hedge fund industry, and seasoned executives share their experiences of setting up funds and meeting new managers.

Chapter 1. The Launch Environment   (written by Simon Kerr of HFI)  1

Chapter 2. Managing The Launch Project    (by Peter Northcott of KB Assoc) 11

Chapter 3. Hedge Funds And Public Relations    (Henrietta Hirst of City Savvy)  43

Chapter 4. Regulatory Incubation With The Pioneer Sturgeon Ventures   (Seonaid Mackenzie) 57

Chapter 5. Setting Up A Hedge Fund In EuropeThe Auditor and Accountant’s Perspective   (haysmacintyre)  71

Chapter 6. Fund Administration For European Hedge Funds    (Peter Jakubicka of Circle Partners) 105

Chapter 7. Prime Brokerage For European Hedge Funds     (James Skeggs of SocGen Prime Services) 127

Chapter 8. Legal Services For European Hedge Funds  (Gus Black and Craig Borthwick of Dechert LLP)   153

Chapter 9. IT Services & Consultancy For Hedge Funds    (Tom Woollard of Edge Technology) 197

Chapter 10. Perspective Of An Experienced Hedge Fund COO    (Pseudonymous) 215

Chapter 11. New Managers From An Investor’s Perspective  (Anthony Lawler of GAM)   225

Chapter 12. Backers Of Early-Stage Hedge Funds  (Hedge Fund Insight)   239