More Disputes Likely As LLPs Are Now Protected by UK’s Whistleblowing Legislation

By Darren Isaacs, Partner at GQ Employment Law


In a turning point for employment rights of partners in limited liability partnerships, the Supreme Court ruled today in Clyde & Co LLP and another v Bates van Winkelhof.

This case could be a pivotal for the employment rights of partners in limited liability partnerships, effectively handing partners a new right to protection under the UK’s whistleblowing legislation.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to confirm that partners have these rights, we should expect to see an increase in whistleblowing disputes arising out of limited liability partnerships, which will be exposed to a higher risk of claims from disgruntled partners.

Large law firms and accountancy firms with international affiliates could also be at risk of facing whistleblowing claims in the UK Employment Tribunal from partners at local offices in countries with a completely different employment culture from the UK.  This has the potential to cause a significant headache to management teams.

Lots of accountancy, legal and other professional services firms will be analysing this case very closely because of the potentially far reaching consequences of the court’s decision.


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