TopTurn Capital Interview

TopTurn Capital has had a radical makeover for a hedge fund firm. It was formerly plain-old Darchuck Stewart Asset  Management. But the owners Dan Darchuck and Greg Stewart had eureka moment under the tutelage of marketing and branding specialists Meyler Capital. Since then the firm has been re-branded with a strong, memorable identity rooted in their location (Monterey California), topturn being a surfing term. They have used the tools of outbound marketing to build their business – a new website, a blog, interviews, podcasts, and Twitter.

Here is an example of using what are non-traditional forms of communication for hedge fund firms:

Dan Darchuck - TopTurn Capital

The podcast below was conducted by Enterprise Radio last year.



Listen to host Eric Dye and guest Dan Darchuck discuss the following:

  • So tell us what Top Turn Capital does?
  • You’ve initiated a really interesting marketing campaign w/surfer Joe Curren – what made you align with a pro surfer?
  • So how exactly are you and Joe working together now?
  • Tell us your thoughts on the market landscape right now.
  • Can you expand on your hedge fund strategy?

Duration: 15:49



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