The Twitterati on Hedge Fund Advertising Post JOBS Act

Twitter users took to social media to offer a humorous look at what to expect now that the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to lift a long-standing ban on marketing and promoting private funds. Here is a selection of the offerings:


Barry Ritholtz@ritholtz 10 Jul

Sometimes you feel like a derivative re-hypothecated security, sometimes you don’t.

RT @RobBartenstein:

I don’t always pay for underperformance, but when I do, I pay 2 and 20.

Paweł Morski@Pawelmorski 10 Jul

I’m short your house

FCFYield@FCFYield 10 Jul

“I can’t believe it’s not Pershing Square!” – ad for Tilson’s Kase Capital

Barry Ritholtz@ritholtz 10 Jul

Because you can only make so much money at Goldman Sachs!

Barry Ritholtz@ritholtz 10 Jul

Because trophy wives are expensive


Put your life in the hands of someone whose whole life is a tax break

Chris Adams@chrisadamsmkts 10 Jul

Eight out of ten cats prefer cash

Ron Lieber@ronlieber 10 Jul

Really, it’s better for everyone if you don’t know how we mix the special sauce.

Ron Lieber@ronlieber 10 Jul

Our black box can beat up your black box.

Downtown Josh Brown@ReformedBroker 10 Jul

I’m a Tepper, You’re a Tepper

Barry Ritholtz@ritholtz 10 Jul

Come for the high fees, stay for the under-performance

LargeCapTrader@largecaptrader1 10 Jul

“I don’t always invest in hedge funds, but when i do its Pershing Square”

Ivan the K™ @IvanTheK 10 Jul

Our Indexers Are Out Of The Closet

Brasil61@brasil61 10 Jul

We Achieve Alpha .. the old fashioned way ..crazy leverage

Shush Yaz@Raven_Trader11 10 Jul

Helping under-funded pensions stay that way

John Melloy@CNBCMelloy 10 Jul

“Please don’t squeeze the Ackman.”

Brad Holsinger@CBHolsinger 10 Jul

Trust us, the fees are worth it. (In yen terms).

Ivan the K™ @IvanTheK 10 Jul

Leave The Frontrunning To Us!

Timothy Connolly CFA@SconsetCapital 10 Jul

SAC Capital: You’ve Tried All The Rest, Now Try The Best!!!

RT @Hooper_Quant:

You can’t buy 600k 5 yr put spreads, but we can

Jamie Cox@jamesacoxiii 10 Jul

Two and twentysomethings

Ivan the K™ @IvanTheK 10 Jul

This Is Not Your Father’s Leveraged Vehicle

Timothy Connolly CFA @SconsetCapital

A fee is a terrible thing to waste.

Eddy Elfenbein @EddyElfenbein

We’re closed to new investors

Also sprach Analyst @theanalyst_hk

I buy fire insurance on your house

APV @InMyPlums

Throwing your money into a Black scHole since 1997

Zach Kouwe @zkouwe

We hedge so you don’t have to

Downtown Josh Brown @ReformedBroker

Ho Ho Ho, Green Client

John Spence @etftrendwatcher

Good to the last drop