7 Precepts For Shorting From Andrew Left of Citron Research

By Hedge Fund Insight staff   Andrew Left’s Citron Research seeks to expose companies whose management is in some way misleading investors. Left digs into SEC filings, financials, management histories and other data to uncover such situations, and he is usually short the stocks he writes about.   Here are his 7 Precepts for Shorting: […] Read more »

Novus Reports on Shorting in European Equites

by Luca Angelini of Novus   Using the daily filings from the European Short Disclosure Regulation (ESMA), we track over thirty billion Euros in short investments across more than two hundred managers. The first chart below shows changes in sector exposures and the best short picks from the past month. Also ranked are the most […] Read more »

Investing With The Chimp In Mind

chimp 6

By James O’Loughlin, CEO of JOL Consulting When Conn’s Inc. reported its Q2 numbers on September 5 this year, its stock took an immediate beating: down 25% from a recent intra-day high of $69.32 to an interim low of $51.85. Over the following two weeks it slipped further to $47.65, for a total collapse of […] Read more »

Returns From Short Selling Equities Expected to Improve

By Daniel Stern, Cliffwater LLC There has been much speculation this year on the difficulty equity long/short managers have been having shorting stocks. In fact, a number of managers tracked by Cliffwater have commented on the challenges of shorting stocks with high short interest which have dramatically outperformed the broader markets. Goldman Sachs maintains a […] Read more »

Most Frequently Shorted UK Shares

By Simon Kerr The FSA has been gathering information on the short positions held by investors for some time – it has been part of the Hedge Fund Survey for several years.  During the Credit Crunch a disclosure regime for significant net short positions in the stocks of UK financial sector companies was introduced, and […] Read more »

Short Selling Spuriousness

By Stephen Pope of Spotlight Ideas Blame policy makers not the market – If assets are sold it is because they are mispriced – Volatility will actually increase. On Monday, July 23rd 2012 2 Euro Zone nations acted in a manner that revealed panic and questionable judgement. In an attempt to prevent “speculative” trades depressing […] Read more »