Multi-Strat v Fund-of-Funds: Multi-Strat Has Won Out Because Of Flexibility

By Andrew Beer, Chief Executive Officer of Beachhead Capital   Investors and managers find themselves at an interesting inflection point in the evolution of the hedge fund industry. The growth of liquid alternatives has focused attention on what happens when talented hedge fund managers are asked to manage money within the constraints of a mutual […] Read more »

An Allocators View Of An Effective First Meeting For Hedge Fund Marketing

By Shaunak Amin & Joe Peta of Novus Partners, INC. “Bud Fox, I look at a hundred deals a day. I choose one.” –Gordon Gekko, after a pitch from a prospective broker Despite the hilariously outdated technology props and some extinct jargon, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is still revered by financial industry insiders. Even today, […] Read more »