SEC Data – Pension Plans Have Grown To A Stable Quarter of Hedge Fund Capital

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By Hedge Fund Insight staff   The data discussed here has been compiled by the SEC from Form PF. Form PF is filed by SEC-registered investment advisers with at least $150 million in private funds assets under management to report information about the hedge funds and private equity funds that they manage. The SEC collates the data into a […] Read more »

Fixed Income Signals: A Red Alert for Compliance and Valuations?

by Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group The SEC recently issued guidance about risk management in the fixed income market in light of the prospect of the Fed tapering its quantitative easing program and triggering a rise in interest rates. It noted that the net assets of bond funds are at “near-historic highs” with much […] Read more »

The JOBS Act – has it made an impact?

By Shane Brett, Founder of Global Perspectives   Background Last September the much anticipated JOBS Act became law in the United States. The intention of the act was to make it easier for small businesses to raise funding in the US. An unintended consequence of that act was that it also lifted the long standing […] Read more »

How Sustainable is Your Information or Insight Advantage?

by Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group The ability to obtain information that leads to insights concerning market trends is frequently considered the mark of a savvy investor. However, as we noted last July, many methods of acquiring information are coming under increased scrutiny. Regulators and the public may deem even entrenched practices unfair. As […] Read more »

Top Hedge Funds Not Yet Engaged With Social Media For Brand Building

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight When at last the SEC ruled in July that the 80-odd year old ban on general solicitation and advertising of private placements was lifted there was much prognostication on what that could mean for hedge funds. Already 40 Act Funds were being run by hedge fund management […] Read more »

GLG Fine Illustrates That Valuation Remains a Top Regulatory Focus

By Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC The SEC charged GLG Partners, L.P. (“GLG”), a UK investment adviser, and GLG Partners, Inc. (“GPI”), its US holding company traded on the NYSE, for failing to maintain adequate controls over the valuation of Level 3 assets. This is one of several valuation cases settled by the […] Read more »

Strings Attached to Hedge Fund Ad Rule

By Stephen Bornstein, of Wall Street Counsel Getting ready to advertise your hedge fund or private equity fund when the new SEC ad rule goes into effect in a few months?  Here are a couple of things you should know. First, you may not be able to charge performance fees to investors who merely satisfy the […] Read more »

SEC to Advisers: “Can You Hear Me Now?”

by Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC   A little over a year ago the SEC warned advisers that the game has changed and that the agency would begin to use a risk-oriented, holistic approach to scrutinize senior managers and the control environment within their firms. Today, the warning sirens are growing even louder […] Read more »

SEC Preview Top Hedge Fund Enforcement Trends for 2013

By Perrie Michael Weiner, Patrick Hunnius and Stephanie Smith of DLA Piper   In a recent speech* before the Regulatory Compliance Association, Bruce Karpati, Chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Division’s Asset Management Unit, suggested where the SEC may be heading regarding hedge fund oversight in the months to come. Mr. Karpati both […] Read more »

Review of Hedge Funds in 2012

By Charles Gubert, Editor of COOConnect Here is our take on what happened in 2012, and the clues we picked up as to what hedge fund COOs can look forward to over the next 12 months.  In the spirit of the season, and to make it a bit harder for ourselves, we decided to restrict […] Read more »