Hedge Fund Middle Office Must Get Extra Attention

Middle Office Spend 3

By Leigh Walters, Global Head of Sales, Omgeo The middle office operations of European hedge funds, where trades between counterparties are matched and confirmed, has historically received little investment from hedge funds when compared to the front office spending, as well as little attention from investors, regulators or board members. However, post- global financial crisis, […] Read more »

SEC to Advisers: “Can You Hear Me Now?”

by Deborah Prutzman, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC   A little over a year ago the SEC warned advisers that the game has changed and that the agency would begin to use a risk-oriented, holistic approach to scrutinize senior managers and the control environment within their firms. Today, the warning sirens are growing even louder […] Read more »

Short Selling Spuriousness

By Stephen Pope of Spotlight Ideas Blame policy makers not the market – If assets are sold it is because they are mispriced – Volatility will actually increase. On Monday, July 23rd 2012 2 Euro Zone nations acted in a manner that revealed panic and questionable judgement. In an attempt to prevent “speculative” trades depressing […] Read more »

How Effective Are The FSA/SFO And SEC At Handling Misconduct?


From Labaton Sucharow LLP A QUARTER OF UK AND US FINANCIAL SERVICES PROFESSIONALS HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF WRONGDOING IN THE WORKPLACE   New research from leading securities litigation law firm Labaton Sucharow LLP has today revealed the scale of misconduct and wrongdoing in the financial services workplace with 26 percent of industry professionals (UK: 30 percent, […] Read more »