European Hedge Fund Industry Assets Below Level of 5 Years Ago

From Eurekahedge European fund managers recorded net asset outflows of US$4.3 billion while registering performance-based gains of US$2.8 billion during last month. Total assets in European hedge funds stood at US$480.9 billion as of June 2019, below their January 2018 high of US$577.5 billion. On a year-to-date basis, European hedge fund managers have seen performance-driven gains of US$13.1 […] Read more »

Hedge Funds in Europe in Graphics in 2018

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For 2008 it has been estimated by data provider Preqin that Europe-based investors allocated a combined €175bn to hedge funds; today there are over 1,100 institutional investors in Europe actively investing over €404bn in hedge funds – a huge increase since the GFC. In 2017 Preqin produced a study with AIMA looking at employment in the hedge fund sector; the study estimated that […] Read more »

September Market Background a Positive for Equity Hedge Managers

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Expectations of hedge fund returns should be tempered by market background – what suits one manager will not suit another. Equity hedge managers have had a very good year in the United States and Japan, and a decent year elsewhere. Equity hedge managers in developed markets have produced positive returns […] Read more »

Hedge funds attract US$50 billion in five months

From the Eurekahedge June Index Flash Report Hedge funds witnessed the seventh consecutive month of positive returns in May amid mixed returns in global markets. The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index was up 0.20% during the month, while the MSCI World Index was down 0.45% in May. Key highlights for May 2013: Hedge funds witnessed the […] Read more »