Coaches Can Take Portfolio Managers & Traders To The Next Level


By Rajan Chopra, CEO of Chopra Coaching LLC   Ask traders if they would like coaching to improve performance and one might either get a quizzical look or “Coaching? What’s coaching going to teach me that I don’t already know?” It’s understandable that many are skeptical about the value of coaching and resistant to it […] Read more »

Chart of the Day is the Technical Position of the Aussie Dollar

A recent article here cited a short in the Australian Dollar as a position held by Bridgewater Associates at the turn of the year. Often global macro investors like both a fundamental case and a technical case for their positions – the bias one way or the other is a style point for differentiating between […] Read more »

Top Macro Manager Talks Through Set-Ups, Triggers and Sizing Positions

By Simon Kerr, Principal of Enhance Consulting This week I heard a presentation by a senior trader at one of the large global macro hedge funds which has been in business for nearly 20 years. He put across several insights into the way of working of those who engage in the strategy. The particular trades […] Read more »