Fortress’ Novogratz on Bitcoin – Quotation Of the Day

By Hedge Fund Insight staff “What company has a $4.5bn market cap with 30,000 programmers providing human capital to it? I’m certain of one thing with Bitcoin:  the banking industry is nervous of it. The democratization of finance is coming and Bitcoin is one piece of it.”   Mike Novogratz, principal at Fortress Investment Group, […] Read more »

A Dilemma For Fortress As Hedge Funds Nudge Towards Full Profit Potential

By Hedge Fund Insight staff The hedge fund business of Fortress Investment Group is nudging toward full profit potential five years after the Credit Crunch. Fortress’ reporting puts the hedge funds that take credit risk into a separate bucket from the others, so the award winning  Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds comes under Credit Hedge Funds.  The […] Read more »

Quotation Of The Day – What Is A Macro Manager?

Mike Novogratz, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group, and manager of one of the world’s largest global macro funds: “A famous macro manager said that the reason you join macro management, rather than a really hard business like equities, is that all you need to do is look at a bunch of charts and […] Read more »