Gold Fever For 2018

By Karim N. Taleb, Ph.D.,Managing Partner of Robust Methods LLC   Those familiar with Robust Methods’ financial analysis and views, know us as no strangers to the commodities markets in general, and the monetary metals in particular. The founder of the firm has been an advocate of the metals since the early days of that bull, and […] Read more »

Annual Gold Chartbook Highlights

From Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark J. Valek, Incrementum AG   This is our 11th annual “In Gold we Trust” report – this year disseminated to more than 1.5 million people. The first graphic extracted looks at Fed policy, 10 Year Treasury Yields and gold: Obviously, not all our readers had time to read the entire 160+ pages. We therefore decided to put […] Read more »

Gold, the Yen, Upside in Equities and Petroleum Week With Archbridge Capital

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In this article Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight, has a Q&A session with global macro manager  Hakan  Kocayusufpasaoglu, CIO of Archbridge Capital.   Hedge Fund Insight: You had a good year in 2013, with your macro fund up over 19%. In which asset classes did you make the most money, and how much […] Read more »

Goldmans Better Tactical Traders Of Gold Than Paulson


By Hedge Fund Insight staff There is no doubt that the role of gold for hedge fund managers can be seen in the context of monetary policy, and specifically US monetary policy. Indeed this site has carried a number of gold-related articles in which the phrase “fiat money” has featured strongly. Although Eric Sprott could […] Read more »

Gold (or Silver) Over Fiat Currencies

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By Karim Taleb, of Robust Methods LLC. With the gold bull experiencing a healthy correction, interested investors who missed the opportunity of getting in at a favorable price are currently considering doing so at these levels. An equal consideration is being given to the mining shares and which underwent a much deeper decline. The majority […] Read more »

Money Stock, Currencies, Banks, Gold and Trust

By Toby Birch ( In my short-lived and unremarkable military career I learned many things that are now redundant. In the event of a nuclear Apocalypse my Morse code skills would be in great demand as digital communication would no longer function. Likewise, if I was to visit a tin-pot dictatorship or tank scrapyard I […] Read more »

Key Test Underway For Gold

By Staff Writer, Hedge Fund Insight The gold price is testing the break out level of last August. For a view on potential scenarios Hedge Fund Insight asked  Klaudius Sobczyk, Managing Director of Advanced Dynamic Asset Management GmbH, an experienced watcher of gold markets. He has a different take than most on current levels. “The […] Read more »

The Time of Reckoning for Gold and Gold Miners is Coming

Klaudius Sobczyk, Managing Director of Advanced Dynamic Asset Management GmbH. This article follows up on the one of the 18th September by the same author.   The recent developments in the price of gold change the positive tendency which appeared to have developed just few weeks ago. Equity markets and gold rallied from interim lows […] Read more »