Fed Ploughing a Deep Furrow of Confusion


By Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADM Investor Services International Limited   If the FOMC’s objective was to convey confusion, it has succeeded, thereby ploughing a deep furrow of instability and destabilization, and shining a very bright light on the large debt and liquidity trap it and other G7 central banks have spent 7 years crafting. […] Read more »

The Environment Is Good For Systematic FX As Well As CTAs

By Douglas Garistina Chief Executive Officer of Sequoia Capital Fund Management   ‘What is a favourable environment for my strategy’ is a question that every portfolio manager must be able to understand and identify. The answers will, of course, depend on what type of strategy is being run, the markets the strategy focuses on, its […] Read more »

The Pace Of Tapering By The Fed Under New Leadership

Fed Res Icon Fading

By Colin Cieszynski, Senior Market Analyst, CMC Markets Following the decision to commence tapering at the last meeting, this article looks what the possible outcomes from the forthcoming FOMC meeting could mean for market participants this year.   The article addresses: The key questions following the Fed meeting in December Why QE may be trimmed […] Read more »

FX Trading Signals From Systematic News Flow Analysis

By Peter Hafez and Junqiang Xie of RavenPack Quantitative Research   In this study we test a short-term FX trading strategy that uses the principles of technical analysis to create buy or sell signals based on data derived from fundamental news. Short and long term sentiment inflection points are captured by consulting a set of […] Read more »

Currency Views From Newscape – CHF and Euro/$

By Philippe Bonnefoy, Chairman & CIO of Newscape Capital Group, and manager of the Newscape Dynamic Rates & Currency Fund   The current trading outlook on the currency markets: On The Euro/USD: “When was the last time we saw an increase in a European growth forecast?  The IMF keeps dropping its estimates and the Bundesbank […] Read more »

Managing An Existing Macro Position – Aussie Dollar Example from Bridgewater As Would Be Managed by Caxton Associates

Having been asked what would a trader or macro manager do now on the Aussie Dollar position mentioned in a couple of articles (here and here) here is a response. Below in graphic one is the original set-up graphic annotated to show the current A$/US$ rate. Graphic One – A$ v US$ over the six […] Read more »

Chart of the Day is the Technical Position of the Aussie Dollar

A recent article here cited a short in the Australian Dollar as a position held by Bridgewater Associates at the turn of the year. Often global macro investors like both a fundamental case and a technical case for their positions – the bias one way or the other is a style point for differentiating between […] Read more »

Bridgewater Associates and the Aussie Dollar

Introduction by Simon Kerr Over the last decade Bridgewater Associates has managed an unusual feat – adding a lot of value to its investors at the same time as adding a lot of assets under management. In doing so it has hit some notable milestones in the last year – it is now by some […] Read more »