Equity Hedge Yet to De-Gross Notes Man Group’s FRM

From FRM Investment Management   Market Background China’s financial troubles and the Fed’s zeroing in on lift off for the next interest rate cycle have combined, as we thought they might, to place deflation at the forefront of investor concerns. Moreover, it is clear that the problems emanating from China, other emerging markets and many […] Read more »

European M&A Targets in 2H 2014 – Graphic of the Day

The following graphic is taken from “Deal Drivers EMEA” published by Remark, a division of mergermarket. Mergermarket’s H1 2014 Heat Chart, which tracks ‘companies for sale’ stories, shows that there are likely to be strong appetites for dealmaking over the coming months. Activity is spread throughout a range of sectors and countries, indicating that the […] Read more »

Asian Hedge Funds Draw Flows At Record Pace

Strategic 4

By Hedge Fund Insight staff Investor capital continued to pour into the Asian hedge fund industry in late 2013 and early 2014, with record inflows and performance driving total investor capital to surpass the record level set in 2007, prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis. Total capital invested in the Asian hedge fund industry grew […] Read more »

Fundamental Commodity and Stat Arb Strategies Preferred for 2014 by FRM

From FRM Investment Management Hedge funds had a small positive month to end 2013. The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index recorded a 56bps gain, taking performance for the year to positive 6.72%. Within this there was some significant dispersion in manager returns, even within strategies, as the month contained some sizeable asset price movements. Equity […] Read more »

Japanese Reflation Trade Pays Off For Macro Managers In November

From FRM Investment Management   With many of this year’s themes continuing, as discussed above, November was a positive month for hedge funds. The majority of strategies were positive over the month, with very few outliers on either the positive or negative side (given adjustments for volatility). The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index returned 0.55%. […] Read more »

The Event-Driven Asset Class in a Rising Rate Environment

By Paul Hoffmeister and Thomas F. Kirchner, CFA, of Quaker Funds One of the most common concerns today among financial advisors seems to be the prospect of rising long-term interest rates in the United States and what to do with U.S. fixed income exposures. In search of a potential solution, we examined the history of […] Read more »

Equity Hedge Dominates Quarterly Flows To Claim Largest Strategy Slot

From Hedge Fund Research Total capital invested in the global hedge fund industry surged to a fifth consecutive quarterly record in 3Q13, driven by the highest inflows in over 2 years and eclipsing another milestone of industry expansion. Hedge fund capital rose to $2.51 trillion in 3Q13, an increase of $94 billion over the prior […] Read more »

FRM See A Strong CTA Bounce Back As Unlikley In Monthly View

From FRM Investment Management The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index was positive in September, +0.96%, the majority of strategies ending the month with positive returns. Equity Long-Short managers were amongst the best performing strategies, benefitting from the equity market rally across regions in the first half of the month. Given the large moves seen in […] Read more »

GAM Insight – Equity-hedged and event-driven managers winners in September

From Global Asset Management Many equity-hedged and event-driven hedge funds have continued to hold and increase positions during September, and were rewarded as several equity events occurred and markets moved higher. Anthony Lawler, portfolio manager at GAM, comments that he expects to see the trend of equity-hedge and event-driven funds out-performing other hedge fund strategies […] Read more »

GAM Insight – Hedge Fund Performance in August

From Global Asset Management Asset prices drifted lower on seasonally light volumes during August. Equities and bonds sold off, with the MSCI World index down 2.1% and the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond index down 0.5%, both in US dollar terms. Commodities gained in aggregate, led by energy and precious metals, while wheat and corn declined on […] Read more »