Macro Drives the Month & Quarter

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By Global Asset Management   Although the MSCI World index declined 1.8% in March, the real story was about equity dispersion, currencies and central bank policy.  In equities, dispersion of returns by geography continued in March, with equities rallying in China, Europe and Japan while selling off in the US. In currencies, the US dollar […] Read more »

Global Macro and CTAs Outperform Again In November

From Global Asset Management   Global equity markets continued on their upward trend from mid-October, finishing November up 2.1%, as measured by the MSCI World index in US dollars. US Treasuries and core European bonds also rallied.  Against this backdrop, coupled with a strong US dollar and downward trending oil prices, hedge funds performed positively. […] Read more »

PODCAST 5 – RWC Talk About Marketing And Doubling Their Assets

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An interview with CEO DAN MANNIX and Head of Sales JAMES TOLLEMACHE of RWC Partners   The interview focuses on sales and marketing and the consequences and causes of firmwide growth Clicking this link opens the podcast in a new window/player, (or alternatively save the file using the “save as” command). The interview lasts 31 […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Managers Increase Gross Investment Levels According To GAM

From Global Asset Management   Asset prices rallied in June across equities, bonds, credit and most commodities. Hedge funds performed positively with the HFRX Global Hedge Fund index up 0.9% for the month and each of the four main hedge fund strategies also posting gains, as measured by the respective HFRX strategy indices in US dollar […] Read more »

Best Opportunity In European Long Short In 5 years

From RWC Partners Limited Commenting on the current opportunities for long short equity investors in Europe, Ajay Gambhir, portfolio manager of RWC Samsara and RWC European Absolute Alpha Funds, said: “The large yield gap between European equities and European credit opens up the opportunity for capital to rotate into European stocks.  Additionally, the dislocations in […] Read more »

High Probability Of Big Turn In Equities According To HED Capital

By Richard Edwards, Managing Director of HED Capital There is a large three-day turn cluster in equities that is due to start today the 9th April and which is at its densest on Friday, the 11th April – this is the most likely date in the cluster for a high or low point to be […] Read more »

New Tactics Needed in European Equities According to HED Capital

By Richard Edwards, Managing Director of HED Capital This Swedish equity index compressed* yesterday: Ordinarily this would not be significant as Sweden is a minor market in Europe’s oversupplied continent. We think it is more important right here and now as many European markets have been range-trading recently after top extensions marked the end of […] Read more »

Graphic of The Day – Regional Relative Performance of Long/Short Managers

By Simon Kerr, Publisher of Hedge Fund Insight The returns of equity long/short managers are under examination here, and how the managers have performed relative to their regional indices.  It is no surprise that European long/short managers have produced returns year to date closely in line with the STOXX Index – the aggregate stock selection […] Read more »

European Hedge Fund Industry Joins In The Growth

By Simon Kerr, Hedge Fund Insight From immaturity around 1997 through the mid 2000’s the European hedge fund industry grew faster than that of the country which invented the concept, the United States of America. For the period since the Credit Crunch the European industry has been a lot less vigorous than the American scene, […] Read more »