GAM Insight – Hedge Fund Performance in August

From Global Asset Management Asset prices drifted lower on seasonally light volumes during August. Equities and bonds sold off, with the MSCI World index down 2.1% and the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond index down 0.5%, both in US dollar terms. Commodities gained in aggregate, led by energy and precious metals, while wheat and corn declined on […] Read more »

Activist Hedge Funds – Book Extract

By Alex Gavrish, CEO of Etalon Investment Research and author of “Wall Street: Back To Basics” The following is a chapter from Alex Gavrish’s book “Wall Street: Back to Basics”*. Two of the three case studies in this chapter on Activist Investors have been included.   Chapter 4: Activist Investors   Activist shareholder activity has […] Read more »

GAM Insight – Hedge Fund Performance in March

From Global Asset Management Several trends in risk markets continued in March with positive performance in equities, notably in the US and Japan, continued strength in the US dollar and another month of weakening in the Japanese yen. Hedge funds enjoyed the third consecutive month of positive performance for the year, with the HFRX Global […] Read more »

Net Hedge Fund Formation Down in 2012

By Hedge Fund Research, Inc. of Chicago Total hedge fund industry assets increased to a record of $2.25 trillion,  according to the latest release of the HFR Market Microstructure Industry Report, released today by HFR, the leading provider of indexation, research and analysis for the global hedge fund industry. New fund launches totalled 1,108 for […] Read more »

Hedge Fund Industry Assets Recover to Last Summer’s High

Highlights from HFR Global Hedge Fund Industry Report 1Q 2012 Total capital invested in the global hedge fund industry increased to $2.13 trillion, surpassing the previous record of $2.04 trillion set at mid-year 2011. Investor preferences for fixed income-based Relative Value and less correlated Macro strategies, which have been favoured for over two years, accelerated […] Read more »