Marketing Hedge Funds in Switzerland – a Swiss Representative’s Experience

By Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola, Managing Partner at Hugo Fund Services SA     On June 5 2014, we contributed an article to Hedge Fund Insight: “The New Rules For Distribution of Funds in Switzerland.” Thirteen months later it is interesting to take a look at how the new Swiss rules have been adopted by market […] Read more »

The New Rules For Distribution of Funds in Switzerland

Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola, Partner at Hugo Fund Services SA   The main changes following the revision of the Swiss Law with a focus on distribution targeting qualified investors   The Swiss law on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA) has been revised and came into effect in March 2013. The objective of this revision was to adapt […] Read more »

Investors Should Carry Out Their Own Research On Smaller Hedge Fund Managers

By Donald A. Steinbrugge,Managing Partner Agecroft Partners, LLC   Average hedge fund performance has been mediocre at best over the past five years, which is not surprising because most of the asset flows have been concentrated in a small percentage of firms with the largest assets under management. Many of these firms have morphed into […] Read more »

To Succeed Hedge Funds Need Strength In Three Areas

From StreetID According to Donald A. Steinbrugge, a Managing Partner at hedge fund consulting and marketing firm Agecroft Partners, a big trend in the hedge fund industry is that large managers still have an advantage over their smaller competitors. “One trend that has been fairly consistent since 2008 is that money continues to flow to […] Read more »